Peer to peer NFT swaps and trading on easy mode.

No escrow or third party handling. Pay the gas fees incurred on your transaction, no more, no less.
The Martians
100.00 ETH
The Martians
100.00 ETH
World of Women
100.00 ETH

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What we offer

Blockchainr is built by crypto investors, for crypto investors.

Cross-chain view of your assets

Access your crypto assets across all chains
Access your assets across all chains and wallets in one profile.
Login and view everything you own in Blockchainr.

NFT swaps and trading on easy mode

Sell, swap and manage your NFTs across all chains
Access your assets across all chains and wallets in one profile.
Login and view everything you own in Blockchainr.

Real-time pricing updates

See how your favorite assets are performing in real time
Get real time pricing updates on all crypto assets. Check daily, monthly or annual performances out to see how your favorite tokens measure up.

Buy and swap crypto in one click

Buy and swap crypto in your wallet in one click
Buy, swap and transfer crypto effortlessly with our in-app interface that allows you to pick the best price point for your purchases on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, Avalanche and more.

Wallet, token & collection tracking

Get notified when there's movement on tokens, NFT collections or wallets
Get notified whenever there is new activity on any token, wallet or collection you want to watch. Be the first in the know and leverage your knowledge to make informed trades and transactions with Blockchainr.

How can you start using Blockchainr?

Become a beta tester, or mint our exclusive NFT that will grant you lifetime access to our dashboard, as well as DAO access.
blockchainr genesis token

This NFT will give you...

  • Full and direct access to the Blockchainr app, forever
  • Lifetime access to our DAO where you'll get to vote on the next features we add
  • Royalty rights to the revenue generated from the traditional SaaS model sales


Here's what you can expect from Blockchainr:
—  Whale Tracking
—  Create a Blockchainr wallet
—  NFT P2P Corner
—  More chains
—  NFT P2P Swap
—  Pools and DeFi assets
—  Crypto currency analytics
—  NFT Collection Analytics
—  Alerts
—  Risk analysis
—  Hot contracts

Privacy and security

We don’t hold your private keys, we just offer you the possibility to check all of your addresses at the same time. We work directly with Web 3.0 wallets like MetaMask, and we’d never put your safety or security at risk.

Which blockchains are supported on Blockchainr?

We support the following blockchains already, and are working to add more every day.
Bitcoin logoBitcoin
Binance logoBinance
Ethereum logoEthereum
Polygon logoPolygon
Solana logoSolana
Avalanche logoAvalanche
Arbitrum logoArbitrum
Fantom logoFantom
Harmony logoHarmony

Join us and track all your assets!

Click below to sign up and start tracking and managing all your assets in your very own multi-chain dashboard.
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