The NFT Market Wrapped Up: A Look Back at 2022
2022 was a significant year for the NFT (non-fungible token) market, with a number of notable developments and milestones. The NFT market saw continued growth, with a number of high-profile sales and the emergence of new NFT marketplaces and platforms. NFTs also gained increased mainstream adoption, with a number of high-profile artists, athletes, and celebrities embracing the technology. The NFT art market saw significant growth, with a number of high-profile sales and the emergence of new NFT art galleries and exhibitions. NFTs were also used in a variety of industries in 2022, including gaming, collectibles, and real estate. However, the growth of the NFT market also raised regulatory concerns, with some experts calling for greater transparency and accountability in the space.

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What is an NFT?
Aug 29, 2022

What is an NFT?

What even is an NFT?! In this series, we break down blockchain concepts and make them easy to understand.
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We’re very happy to announce that we are officially a partner of Unstoppable Domains! With Blockchainr, you can view and manage your digital assets and NFTs with just your Unstoppable Domain handle.
How to create a Phantom (Solana) account?
A step by step guide on how to install the Phantom extension and wallet and how you can start buying and selling tokens on Solana.
Crypto for Beginners: CEX v DEX
The best place to start when you’re looking to store your digital assets is actually from where you’ll be purchasing the asset yourself in the first place…
LUNA and UST: Is It The End?
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Storing Crypto: Top 3 Solutions For Beginners
Choosing the right storage method makes all the difference when it comes to buying, selling, and generally managing your digital assets.
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